Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some comments from Mr. Filzen...

First of all, I am encouraged by the number of you who have visited our blog site recently. That’s great because it gives us an opportunity to continue learning outside of the classroom, and it motivates me to put more cool “stuff” on the blog.

Sergey, use jfilzen as your sign in to the video and Groton as the password when trying to access a video. This should resolve the problem! Please let me know if it doesn’t. To those of you who do not sign your name at the end of your entry... I have no way of knowing who you are, so I cannot respond personally to your comments. Sheldon, I am glad you are enjoying our current unit of study. I have enjoyed your comments in class as well. Ms. Bassett, thank you for your participation in this “conversation. I will ask my “southern friend (Floyd lives in Virginia. You met him at the Glennwood...) if he knows of any books on the Civil War that are written from a southern perspective. I’m sure he does. To any parents, friends, etc. who have visited our blog... Thank you and feel free to post a comment.

This blog is a new endeavor for me, and I am learning as I go. I am trying to disprove the saying that “You can’t teach old dogs new tricks...”


Ms. B. said...

Mr. Filzen, 4th was lucky enough to have you and Mrs. Smith stop in today. Our discussion/debate on the use of hippy is a wonderful example of synthesis, our use of our knowledge to 'make new', and I appreciate that our students get to see that. Please continue to stop in.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Filzen, the videos are very interesting. Of all, I think the peeling of bark is the most interesting. After watching the videos, I compared our lives (technology) to theirs and I couldn't imagine living without internet access, texting, television and most summarizing: Electricity. I mean, I might be able to live it, but growing up with the culture and privilage that our generations have is amazingly unbelievable. They were smart people; very smart. I suppose that over time, every person's theory added on and created what we have now. If you think about it, we wouldn't have what we have today if it weren't for these wonderful people. We are so lucky and should be very grateful. Wonderful website!
Cali G

Jen (9th grade) said...

Hi Mr. Filzen... How's this years classes go'n? Surely Not as good as ours. JK

I'm Rock'n the 9th grade halways... As usual... LOL

I Provide the much needed life to the boring highschool wing!

jfilzen said...

Wow! ...a 9th grader visiting our blog. That's a first! Please continues to do so, and please continue to keep the H.S. rockin'!

Cali-Great insight on your part. Comparing then and now is an awesome example of higher level thinking! Keep it up.

Ms. Bassette-Thanks again for contributing to our conversation.

Mr. Filzen

Anonymous said...

hey mr. filzen, i am not really ready for this test tomorrow, but i think that i can prepare for it quick, I HOPE. the haudenosaunee were so cool the way that they caught the fish, and the way that the girls carved off the bark of the tree. well i will keep going on as soon as i get the chance

~jen(9th grade) said...

Hey... Mr. filzen, you should check out my blog! It is about stuff.......Like Politics, Economy, and other cool things that make people smile.

My first Entry was kinda about politics... but I'm very outspoken. Check it out

Anonymous said...

hi mr.filzen i am impressed with your blog. i think you got the rest of the teachers going on this whole blog thing. Mrs.Dovi is doing it and so is Mr.Lott.
i had a lot of fun on our unit we just did. it was a lot of fun getting to see what it was like back then befor all this tecnology started. the must have been real smart. i also liked it when we used the projecter to see those pictures of them. i am looking forward to this year.
Peyton Holl

jfilzen said...

Peyton, I am glad you are enjoying our blog. There is a new pre-test on our next unit you should try! Have fun, and Happy Learning! Mr. Filzen