Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A message from Mr. Filzen

I am extremely impressed with the level of learning that is taking place in all of our classes this year, but I would especially like to commend the 8th graders at this point in time for demonstrating incredible academic maturity, thoughtfulness, and critical thinking. You are encouraging me as a teacher, and I am enjoying your company each day. The unit we begin studying this next week may "blow you away!..." Hold on!!!
I would also like to thank my students, past and present, who have been visiting our blog and leaving comments.


t-pach said...

hey mr.filzen i miss yours and mr.guriox class cause mrs.spallone is really strict but shes still pretty cool hope your doing good

Hannah said...

ahhhh Your picture isn't that bad like you said be happy for who you are! I enjoy leaving comments...Though the movie we are watching in class IS a little graphic...IT IS AMAZING!!!! I really like it though I think I might have missed some words on the paper you handed out...I might though...I'm forgetful today...

JennaShufelt said...

Hey Mr. Filzen, as a response to your comment on my blog, I have actually really considered becoming a history major. I've become extremely fond of world history and genocide. But, I've always been fond of science. History is growing on me. lol
It has become my best subject. History comesvery easy to me, because it is easy to listen to, therefore easy to learn. lol
I don't know, perhaps I will go into history. I'm stuck in the middle between two very interesting subjects.
Oh, maybe I could become an archeologist, that way I get to use both subject. lol
Jk Jk Jk

sam s. said...

i love what ur teaching us mr. filzen, it is very much more interesting than some of what the other teachers are talking about,
not to be mean. well i hope that you teach us more really cool stuff

Sheldon Thompson said...

i love the movie we are watching in class and however graphic it is its all the truth and we cant hide it.We were once and still are considered very racist.and i feel very strongly that racism should end!!!