Sunday, November 23, 2008

Slavery Today?!!!

Weekends, usually Sunday mornings, are a time for me to get into my recliner, sit back with my laptop and watch a few hours of TV. My program of choice is C-Span's "Book TV." Every weekend, for 48 hours, C-Span presents non-fiction books by their authors. I watch the program and then "google" the topic to find out more about it. I have added many books to my library, and I have gained much knowledge as a result of this program. This Sunday, an organization known as Free the Slaves was featured. At a time when we are studying the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the Civil Rights Movement, you may find this interesting. I did.
...the "Story of Stuff" helps one understand why this happens...
...and here is a short eye-opener on the "institutionalized racism" that exists in America today.


Anonymous said...

Thats horible!!I cant beleve slavory is still going on today!
Libby :-D

Sheldon Thompson said...

I wasnt suree what part to read so i read the whole website and watched all the movies. I was surprised to learn how many slave are in the united states and other places using the interactive map. The map was in my opinion the best part of the site. The part that really stuck out at me was when you clicked on the interactive map and when you click on Europe a story about a young girl who was trafficked into the U.S. was promised an education but when she got here she was abused and tortured. She is now free but what happened to her will never be forgotten.

jfilzen said...

Libby and Sheldon,
It's great that you visited this site. There is a lot to learn about this thing we call life on earth. You know what "they" say-"The more you know, the more you realize how much more there is to know." Stay curious!

Mr. Filzen

Paul Wiech said...

Hey Mr Filzen,

Showed mt students "The Story of Stuff" and contrast it with the Walmart stampede. Made all of us take a second and think about what is important. Great blog!

jenny said...

i cant belive the stuff with slavory that is so bad and so many