Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tall Tales From Room #202

Many settlers move west following the Civil War. Some were miners looking for precious metals, some were farmers who lived in houses made of sod, and others were cowboys who drove cattle on the long drive from Texas to the rail centers in “Cow Towns. Many of these cowboys were young men from the east who had gone west to find work. These “Green Horns,” as they were called, were often susceptible to “Tall Tales.” These were exaggerated stories told by wile story tellers, and they provided their audience with many laughs at the expense of the “Green Horns,” who often believed them!

Here are a few Tall Tales generated in room #202.


Anonymous said...

Mitchell Stewart, talk about random! It was really funny, but the randomness of the gangsters asking for the bathroom was the best part. Adonica's is awesome. My favorite part about her's is that a lazy dude ends up surprising everybody. Joel's is good, too. I'm proud of the writer that these guys are becoming!

Anonymous said...

hey mr. Filzen i watch mitches writing thing i thought it was funny i didnt have time to watch the others but i will soon

*kyle brown